Elevate Your Impact Now: 7 innovative practices to rehumanize your work

Make Your Work & Impact Inseparable

What role does place play in our professional lives?

Many professionals are asking themselves this question as they examine their personal fulfillment in the midst of a global pandemic, and subsequent, Great Resignation. 

We seek a deeper sense of connection, purpose, impact, and contribution within our work and carry new expectations for our professional development.

Our careers are the space for us to self-actualize, where our higher order needs can be met within and beyond the walls of the workplace.

In the midst of these major human shifts, Higher Playbook® embraced the opportunity to design a future of work that considers the entire ecosystem of business and creates space for the full spectrum of who we are as people.

We asked ourselves fundamental questions:

How can we show up in new environmental contexts?

What’s possible in the spaces we share- real, virtual and imagined?

What do we stand for in the professional arenas of our lives?

How are we contributing to the world at large?

The answers became Higher Playbook®’s core philosophy, the Interconnected Workplace™, a practical way of working that harnesses our full human potential as a socially conscious generation.

The Interconnected Workplace-1 2

This Interconnected Workplace™ is a cultural model to rehumanize how we work and facilitate the shift toward more socially conscious work.

To learn more about The Interconnected Workplace™ and how all these parts work together, you can explore our free E-book: Elevate Your Impact Now: 7 Practices to Rehumanize Your Work & Workplace.


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Elevate Your Impact NOW: 7 Practices to Rehumanize Your Work & Workplace

Elevate Your Impact NOW: 7 Practices to Rehumanize Your Work & Workplace​