Elevate Your Impact Now: 7 innovative practices to rehumanize your work

7 Icebreakers To Energize Your Workplace

In this Hive blog feature, author Anouare Abdou features Higher Playbook practices to break the ice in your workplace.

Icebreaker questions are a powerful tool to facilitate a more human workplace and foster a sense of interconnectivity across a team. By inspiring people to show up and share unique aspects of their identities, icebreakers prompt each individual to value one another beyond their job titles.

“When a team feels empowered to express themselves at work, they can develop a deeper appreciation toward each other’s contribution. Company culture is the natural byproduct,” says Higher Playbook founder Julia Armet.

Different icebreaker questions work best in different settings so you can have conversations that lead to profound insights and drive transformative action. Here are a few smart icebreaker questions to use in different workplace contexts, according to Armet.


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Elevate Your Impact NOW: 7 Practices to Rehumanize Your Work & Workplace

Elevate Your Impact NOW: 7 Practices to Rehumanize Your Work & Workplace​