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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Business Mentor

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a career for visionary individuals whose quality of self-belief drives them to create something from nothing. And with that, a journey that comes with its fair share of highs and lows. 

After close to a decade of mentoring socially conscious entrepreneurs, I’ve witnessed entrepreneurs achieve incredible results: become viral Youtube vloggers, New York Times Best Selling authors, globe-trotting travel writers, 7-figure online business owners. 

I’ve also witnessed these same individuals come up against the odds: a global pandemic, limited resources, their own inner critics stopping them in their tracks. Regardless of how confident the entrepreneur is, there are moments where you just need to lean in…

You don’t have to do entrepreneurship alone.

Here are 10 reasons why every entrepreneur needs a business mentor...

As an entrepreneur, you have many ideas on a regular business. The question is more often than not: Which ideas should you prioritize? 

When you have a business mentor, you have someone to bounce your ideas off, mirroring back insights to help you determine which ideas to pursue. If there is something new you wish to bring into your business, your business mentor can offer you a valuable perspective before you invest your energy and resources further.

As an entrepreneur, your creative engine is the source of your success. And yet, it’s only human to ebb and flow creatively. There will be moments where you’re having a creative dry spell, and that’s where a business mentor comes in handy. 

Whether you’re creating new content or looking to launch an innovative publicity initiative, I’ve found that my clients find great value in having me as their business mentor. I’m there to supply inspiration, fuel their passion, and enhance their creative process. Ultimately, we experience the power of co-creation.

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly wearing two sets of glasses. When you are working in your business, your lens is zoomed in on the fine details- which helps you to assess the immediate needs. When you are working on your business, your lens is zoomed out on the big picture to determine long-term strategy. 

A business mentor is particularly great for seeing the high-level themes. I keep a constant pulse on my clients’ mission, vision, and purpose– and reflect it back to them to inform their business decisions. Anytime you get entrenched in the daily demands of running your business, you can rest assured someone has their eyes on the big picture.

Having a growth mindset is essential to your continued growth and prosperity in entrepreneurship. You’re able to see new perspectives and opportunities when you make it a priority to question your default ways of thinking.  

By having a business mentor to ask you questions you wouldn’t normally ask yourself, you’re enhancing your receptivity: your capacity to receive. I’ve found with my clients that exponential growth happens when you’re asked great questions at the exact timing that you need to be asked. The constant presence of a business mentor can play their part in asking the right questions at the opportune time.

Entrepreneurship has its challenges. There will be moments where you want to throw in the towel or give up on a project when you’ve lost steam. In these times, your business mentor is there to remind you of who you are and challenge you to rise despite the circumstances. 

I’ve seen how the pendulum swings for even my most visionary clients, and these highs and lows are quite normal in entrepreneurship. As a business mentor, I am here to challenge and champion my clients when they need it most… activating them to keep going in the pursuit of their aspirations.

When you dedicate so much of time, energy, and resources to your business, it’s important that you remember to celebrate yourself. While it sounds so simple, the act of celebrating can do wonders for your morale.

Having a business mentor to celebrate with you makes the process of building a business more enjoyable, and naturally, more sustainable. After all: Success is happening throughout the journey. You are actualizing your visions, and we are here to celebrate your successes!

When you are ambitious and driven, there is perpetually more work to be done… which means: the to-do list will keep growing. By having a business mentor, you can lean on them for extra support in the tactical implementation of your business plan. Knowing that you have someone to lean on, you’ll have incredible peace of mind and comfort in outsourcing some of your workload.

As a business mentor, I love knowing that I can make my clients’ workloads easier, so when I partner with entrepreneurs, I look to understand how I can help them to streamline processes– and that way, we can expedite their projects.

Entrepreneurship can get lonely at times, and it’s hard to know who to lean on when you’re going through the unique challenges of running your own business. A business mentor who’s been in your shoes before can better understand what you’re going through, be a compassionate presence to lean on, and validate you as you stretch yourself in business.

While entrepreneurship requires you to wear my hats and master many skills, there will be areas of your business that just aren’t your specialty. By knowing your strengths and your gaps, you can then realize where someone else’s expertise may benefit you.

When partnering with a business mentor,  it’s important for you to get curious about their advanced skills: so that you can see how they couple with your skills and create the ideal synergy for success.

You’re in your entrepreneurship for the long haul, and this journey is more than your business development: it’s your self-mastery. As you build your character and become the best version of yourself, your business mentor is your accountability partner: the person to share helpful resources, offer a sense of consistency, and be present with you as you go beyond your upper limit to bring your visions into reality.

And while we all find different value in a business mentor, you can ask yourself some questions to clarify what you’re looking for in your business mentorship:

What purpose would a business mentor serve in your business?

How will business mentor support you on a daily basis?

What are your ideal outcomes in partnering with a mentor?

Interested to connect future and learn how I support entrepreneurs in their business development?


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